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Clinical Laboratory is a branch of medical science primarily concerning the examination of organs, tissues, and bodily fluids in order to make a diagnosis of disease.A pathologist is a physician who studies body fluids and tissues.

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Clinical Laboratory

Department staff provide professional services that include rendering diagnostic interpretations and overseeing the clinical laboratories in the Tenet Philadelphia region. In addition, the Pathology Diagnostics Laboratory (PDL) is a certified laboratory that processes anatomic pathology specimens and provides diagnostic interpretations for physician office practices and a variety of investigators. The Regional Autopsy Service provides comprehensive autopsy services to institutions and individuals that are outside of the regional Tenet hospital system. These clinical activities ensure high quality patient care and also provide access to a wide variety of patient-derived material that supports the academic mission of the department.

Mr. Vidyagar B. B.

Prerana Clinical Laboratory.

Our Services

Blood Test

Blood tests evaluate the kidneys, liver, thyroid, cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, anemia, and coronary heart disease.


Blood extraction using seismic energy for painless testing.

Profile Test

State of the art testing for profile that’s sure to be have fast and accurate results.

Serology Test

Serology test for antibodies against micro-organisms or viruses.The SEROLOGY kit enables the quantitative detection in serum of the antibodies against the principal urogenital mycoplasma species.

Routine Testing

Accurate and secure testing of urine for diseases and medicines.

Urine Test

Urea increases due to excess dietary protein, poor quality dietary protein, carbohydrate deficiency, catabolic states, dehydration, congestive heart failure, renal failure, blocked urethra, and ruptured bladder.

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